by Claire Gwyther

Please can some call me back asap with regards to costs?

My name is Claire Gwyther

Kind regards



Hi Claire,
Costs vary by region. I am not familiar with how costs work in the UK. Here in the US, rates charge are either a flat bill rate which means you are charged an hourly rate and the wages are negotiated by the agency with the employee.

That flat bill rate is billed to you on an hourly basis plus any agreed expenses if they apply.

The other type of cost model is a mark up rate. This is the rate over and above the rate which is paid to the employee. You can then calculate your bill rate by adding the hourly rate paid the employee and the product of the hourly rate and the mark up rate.

The difference between these is in one case, the bill rate costing, the employer only worries about the end cost of having that employee work. When you as an employer use the markup rate, you have some interest or control over the pay rate of the employee.

While both methods end up in a flat rate per hour charged for the employee, the markup rate is a little more transparent in that you the client know what the employee is being paid.

Hope that helps.

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