Final Decision in the Hiring Process

by Tony Chav
(los angeles, ca usa 90006)

Who makes the final decision in the selection/hiring process,

1) management/line manager doing the hiring,
2) Human Resources Manager, or the
3) Human Resources Recruiter

My answer: The person requesting the employee (the line manager/supervisor)

What do you think?


Thanks for the Question Tony. I agree with you. Here's a look at the typical role for each of the options mentioned.

Human Resources Recruiter

I'll start with the human resources recruiter. The job here is to take the job requirements, source candidates, qualify and screen them then submit them to the Hiring Manager and/or the HR Manager. This job is primarily a search & match function.

Human Resources Manager

The role of the HR manager is often to oversee the process to make sure it is done legally and in accordance to company policy. For some positions it is the job of the HR person to do initial interviews with the candidates to see if they generally fit the requirements. Think of this job as primarily compliance. Finally the HR manager is also responsible for onboarding once the person has been selected.

Hiring Manager or Manager doing the Hiring

Often this is the person charged with making sure the candidate selected is the right fit in terms of skills, abilities and fit for the organization. Since the hiring manager has the most at stake if the person does not work out, in most organizations, it is often up to this person or the person directly above them who has final say in who is hired.

This is by no means cast in stone. Different companies use different criteria. Sometimes it is a panel that includes peers and management that makes the decision, bu generally it is up the person responsible for managing the employee who gets the final say in who gets hired. Thanks for the question.

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