how effective recruiting contributes to an organisations success?


How effective recruiting contributes to an organizations success?


Thanks for the question. It is a bit out of scope because this site is intended for helping companies recruiter better people.

If your company does not have a need for better people, then you likely don't have a need for higher quality staff.

Now for the sake of giving it the old college try here goes...

The underlying assumption is that the success of any organization consisting of people has as it's primary asset those people. When those people are a group of success oriented professionals who achieve and develop a reputation for being successful, that organization is likely successful and growing.

Conversely, if an organization is filled with disorganized contingents of marginally talented individuals pursuing their own independent agendas, it would see a recipe for a company/organization that would not be around for the long haul.

Most organizations lie somewhere between. The goal is to move closer to success. As such, to recruit people who fit within the idea of moving toward success, would seem beneficial to an organization.

The irony here is, as a company becomes more successful, the more high quality individuals will want to work there and there is less an emphasis on sourcing quality individuals than screening them to insure they are a fit for the organization and the job requirements.

In short, if you buy that the engine that drives success in a company is the people, then the effort to bring in those top quality people is ultimately going to go a long way into defining the success of the organization.

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Feb 13, 2017
I would Rather not give even 1 star... NEW
by: White Fox

You didnt even answer the question.! i wasted my time reading.

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