How to create a staffing plan for an auto garage.


New organization chart
Job description
Post assignment
selection and hiring process
training plan
implementation time line

Thanks for the question. There is probably nothing specific about an auto garage that would prevent you from starting where all people start...analyzing what's happened in the past.

Look at where you've had success before. Where did the good mechanics come from? Where did the bad ones come from? Was there a pattern? Who and how did they interview? Any patterns about work history or training for good and bad alike?

By starting at the beginning, you can look for trends and patterns of past hiring practices. Make a score card and keep track of which are important and which are indicators of past success and failures....and it is conceivable that there is very little there. What you don't want to do is ignore the past as it may give you valuable insight into what you are doing as a company and perhaps some guidance on what to do or not to do going forward.

Next, using the candidates who were successful, develop job requirements and so on. There is nothing unique or specific about an auto garage, so follow the steps outlined here and you should see results. Remember, keep track of metrics and track your results. The key is to continuously improve. If you have always used word of mouth and recommendations to find candidates, try advertising yourself or hiring someone else to source you candidates.

Good luck.

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