Interruption During Interviews

what specific policies should a company follow to avoid Interruptions or disruptions while interview is going on.? plz give me comprehensive answer


Thank you for the question. This topic comes up often as most interviews are either done personally or through conference calling. Having a smooth-flowing interview is important as it allows continuous exchange of ideas and conversation. Any disruption to an interview is not just annoying, but also disrupts the flow of ideas, thus interrupting the “train of thought.” This interruption can be a cause of delay in a certain project. Delays like these can be very costly especially in the professional world where time is of extreme importance.

Now there are a couple ways to interpret this question so I'll address both to help you avoid these disruptions in a meeting.

Phone Interview
During a phone interview, if you are conducting the interview, before starting ask the time the person has available without distraction to talk. If they give you enough time then proceed. If not ask to reschedule explaining that you would like a minimum amount of uninterrupted time to conduct the interview.

In-Person Interview
Our policy for interviews, in part to minimize distraction is to conduct the interview in a separate room, like a conference room where there are no phones, loud speakers or other distractions.

The simple act of closing a door often will often be enough to minimize distraction but moving to a new location has prove to be the most effective course of action.

Of course it is also appropriate to ask that cell phones and personal communication devices be turned off during the interview. This too is good policy for an interviewee as well.

Off Site Locations
If a separate office or conference room is not available, sometimes an off site location can work as well. Often times a local eating establishment will allow you to sit in a quiet location if you arrive after the peak serving hour and order a beverage or snack.

Finally if that is not an option, there are offices that can be rented by the hour. Many executive suites have day offices. If you schedule your interviews at one of these day offices and nobody except a few people know where you are, then there is a high likelihood that you will be left free from distraction to conduct your interviews.

Does anyone else have other thoughts to contribute to this issue?

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