Terrific Question Isaac. The term job mobility is often used to ask that a candidate be flexible about where they live. For instance in sales, if a person works a territory for a period of time and is successful, the company may want to transfer him or her to a different territory requiring him to move his home to that new location.

It is a fancy way of letting candidates know that the company may ask them to move their residence for the benefit of the company. If it is a good company they will pay for the expenses related to such a move but it is not necessarily guaranteed depending on a number of things from local custom to legal requirements. However it is good practice that if you have someone doing a good job, and you want to move them that you should want to make the transition as easy as possible and offer to pay for the move as the employer who would benefit from such a move.

Hope that helps. My guess is there is a follow up question or there is some reason you ask this question. Please feel free to reply and follow up.


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