Job offer/proposal for my Human Resources Management class

by Tiffany Myers
(OKC,OK United States)

I am doing an assignment for my HRM class that consists of a job offer/proposal for the position of DON (Director of Nursing). I wanted to know if you might have an example of one that I could take a look at so that i may see how I can incorporate the information into a formal paper? I have to develop documentation for human resources professionals to manage this employment position. I am having a heck of a time with it. Have any suggestions on this or anything you could email me so that I may take a look at? What would be one internal and one external recruitment method for this position?


A job offer has 3 elements;

Position Information - Title, description, reporting structure, evaluation criteria, start date etc.

Position Salary & Benefits - Explains base salary, any commissions or bonuses including signing bonus, benefits like vacations, health and it describes the method of how they are accrued and when they start etc.

Contingencies - Explains any contingencies for the offer including passing background, health check, date when offer must be signed and returned etc.

If you offer letter contains those basic elements you are 90% there. The rest are specific to the applicant, position and whatever is negotiated but this should suffice for 95% of the jobs out there.

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