Pay Procedures

by carri boykin

If you work for a temp service paid every week on Friday.then the temp service will no longer bring checks to site you must now go get your check from the temp service that closes at 5 and not open on weekend ,,you work tell 6 ,,now you don't get paid tell you can leave early are go on your lunch its across town .whats up with that there holding checks over the weekend making it hard to get paid ,what are the rules for this? Does the temp service have different rules on pay checks I believe you work you get paid i don't feel i need to chase my check on my time ,how do I get paid Fridays if i get off at 6 there closed ,leave early what is this about


Carri - Thanks for your questions. First let me start by saying that the laws differ depending on where you work. Every state has different laws so I'll talk generally.

First of all if you work, you have to get paid. That's federal law. That said, there is no obligation for the staffing company to deliver your check. It is something many do because it is good customer services. It gives the staffing company a reason to be on site and visit the client.

If you feel they are purposefully trying to make it difficult to deliver your check, then you need to test if that is true. Ask if they can mail you your check or ask for direct deposit/a pay card. Find out what time they open and ask if you can come in before you go in to work.

If they can't make some kind of accommodation, then you may have to seek assistance. Most states have a department of employment. I'd start there.

Also, if it becomes a real problem you can let your on site employer know the staffing company is misbehaving. Sometimes they can help straighten out issues like this, but be sure you have give the staffing company every opportunity to work something out with you. You don't want to come off as a complainer. You want to be seen as someone who has tried to be reasonable and is being mistreated.

Hope that helps but you certainly do deserve to be paid in a timely manner for the hours you worked. Nobody can deny you that.

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