permission request to use one article on your website

by Karine Bach
(Strasbourg, France)

Dear Sir, Madam,

We are a language training company based in Strasbourg, France, and we are currently setting up an e-learning method that will allow our clients to learn English online. The e-learning modules are based on a number of subjects, e.g. finance, sales, marketing, etc... to satisfy people according to the subject they are interested in.
One of the modules we are developing at the moment is called 'Human Resources'. In order to add interesting facts and encourage our students to read real articles, we would like to use two or three 'authentic' texts, i.e. texts produced by professionals and already published.

We have identified one article on your website and we would like to ask your permission for using this text on our e-learning module. The title and link to the text is as follows:

Employee hiring checklist

Of course, we would include the source as well as the name of the author and any other information that is required. Alternatively, can we use a very small section of the text (e.g. The first two sentences or paragraphs) as a teaser and link to your website?

In advance, thank you for your response.

Yours sincerely,

Karine Bach
Atelier Linguistique, Strasbourg


I would be happy to allow you to republish my article so long as it is left in tact including link, properly attributed and there is a link back to my site. Can you please email me once your have put up the article.



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