Rate of pay

by Deborah Mack
(Cape Town)

As a temp without an agency how do i establish my rate of pay? Working as switchboard operator from 8 till 5


Hi Deborah,

I'm assuming here that you are the temp and you have been hired out by the agency. My suggestion is to ask for what is fair given the market. If the typical switchboard operator makes between X and Y then you should be somewhere in that range depending on your experience and qualifications.

How much the Temp agency charges is between the company and the agency. You may have a difficult time finding out that information but even if you do know the number, you need to know what it means. For instance, if you are being paid X and the agency is being paid Z then the difference between the two goes to pay whatever payroll and employment costs there are in your country. Whatever is left over from that needs to pay the salaries and expense of the agency for the service they are providing to the company.

Now it may be true that the agency is making a premium but after all is said and done, I'm guessing it is not too much.

If you do find out that information, where it may be helpful is if and when the company hires your. Here's why, right now the agency is paying all your payroll and employment related costs. On top of that there is a premium to pay the agency salaries and expenses. Once you convert to your company, those expenses and salaries being paid to the agency are no longer there. This means there is some scope for getting you a higher wage.

Hope that answers your question.

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