Rating system

by Wynne
(Stratford Ontario Canada)

Do you have a rating system for resumes available. We have posted a job ad and have over 40 resumes - What is the best way to rate them???

Thanks for the question. It depends somewhat on your main hiring criteria. Some people are looking for job experience. Others are looking for attitude/aptitude. You need to decide your main criteria.

ABC Sort

Then we use an A B C system. It works like this, say any candidate absolutely needs 3 of 4 job skills to be considered and there are 3-4 attributes that you would like to see.

Then after reviewing a resume if they don't meet the minimum requirements, they are a C. If they meet the minimum and don't have many of the would like qualities, they are a B. If they have all the qualities you need and many of the would likes, then they are an A.

This first sort should be a 20 - 30 second scan of the resume to see where they fit. It takes time and practice but you will become quite proficient.

Rinse and Repeat

Once you do this initial sort, then if there are too many in the A pile you may want to do a second sort to see who you want to call immediately. I usually try to get it down to my top 4-5. Conversely if there are not enough in your A pile go back to the B pile and see who you may want to move up.

Phone Screen

From there, you can move into your phone screen where you will begin to get acquainted with the candidates and screen them more in depth.

Good luck and hope this helps.

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