Staff & Recruitment Process

Could you please send me a copy of a general staff & recruitment process as i need it for a school project. The information that i need is:
1) develop a general process for staff & recruitment for a administrative assistant, must include the competencies, job analysis etc. Please can someone direct me to the right place for answers?

Thanks for the question.

Since this is an assignment, my suggestion is start with the job analysis and go from there with information from the site. To do a job analysis for an assignment where there is no job, I'd suggest trying to interview someone at a company and find out what they do in a similar position. The interview of a current or recent job holder is the recommended starting process for a job analysis.

Another alternative is to look at job postings for the US government where they are looking to fill a similar position. Often times they will have a pretty thorough job description from which you can interpolate a job analysis.

Once you have a job analysis, just review the options for recruiting (internal/external) and go from there.

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