W2 Early filling

by Maurice Boone
(Rochester, New York)

Can you provide me with the Federal Identification number so that I can acquire my w2 form early..


First, this is a little bit out of my expertise so take this info as my best understanding.

Your employer does not legally have to give you as W-2 until January 31st. So unless they give you a physical copy early you don't have a way to get it early.

I did a bit of research and it looks like there may be a program where you can get your w-2 info early if your employer participates. I haven't found too much just hints at sites like H&R Block.

So my suggestion is to call your tax preparer or visit a website for someone like H&R block to see if there are tools to find out if your employer participates in the program. Otherwise you'll have to wait like most of the rest of us.

Please let me know if you find out something different.

Also, if there is someone out there that has other better information about early W-2's please stop by and leave a note.

Thanks in advance.

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