What are the steps I should take in starting a recruitment firm

by Mika

I want to start a recruitment firm, can you give the necessary guidelines on the steps to follow in establishing such business.

Thanks for the question. I think your first step would be to seek out a local industry or trade association in recruiting.

Where I live we have something called the California Staffing Professionals. It is a group of independent staffing and recruiting businesses that belong to an association with the intent to work together solving common problems they have in their independent recruitment and staffing firms.

The second step would be to find one of the well known trainers on recruitment and recruitment sales. Check out Scott Love, Neil Lebovits, Danny Cahill or Barb Bruno to name a few. All offer some kind of training or assistance to professional recruiters.

Finally, you would need a good business lawyer, tax person and insurance person for the business side of your business.

Good Luck

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