What should I write in the appendix of a job analysis?

by Susan

I'm a master degree student,we have been asked to perform a job analysis,I'm doing a job analysis of a secretary / administrative they ask us to have an appendix in our paper.do u have any idea what should I write in the appendix?
Thank you


Thank you for the question, not the usual question but others may have something similar so let's take care of it for you and them.

I believe as with any appendix, I'd start with your sources of data. For instance, if you interviewed secretaries as part of your job analysis, you should notate them. If you took information from another job source, you could include that in the appendix.

A good place to get ideas on what can go into a job analysis, though they are sometimes wordy and not very informative, is government industrial standards.

If you looked at any other source materials or web sites, that would fit in an appendix. Did you use other peoples works or reports to help you complete your example job analysis?

Other ideas might be if you used actual companies or contacted HR departments to get examples of what they used. How about at your school? Do they have a sample job analysis for their administrative personnel?

Be sure you get permission to use things created by others and make sure that you give them credit if they allow you to use their works. If they are not interested in getting credit they may also not want you to cite them by name. If that is the case, you can still used the reference in your appendix but note that the author does not want to be named.

In a sense, you should include most any source of data or information you collected for your analysis and include it in your appendix.

Good luck with your studies and project and feel free to share your example here if you like.

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