Employer Rights

Yes! There is such thing as employer rights. With all the federal labor laws along with state and municipal codes that tell businesses how to treat employees, it sometimes seems employers have no rights.

That is not true. Sadly, sometimes employers do take advantage of employees. As a society we try to rectify that through laws. This can sometimes make it difficult for honest businesses to have and hire employees. Fear not. Employers do have rights.

What are your Rights?

While it is true you can not discriminate for things like age or sex, you can decide what skills are required for a job. You can also decide the appropriate hours for your business and to a great extent how people dress and behave... so long as you apply the standard uniformly.

Now when you ask for the details, that is where you get into some trouble and you probably should call an employment lawyer. These guys can help you on a number of issues from handbooks to fighting non-compete contracts for the new sales guy you want to hire. A lawyer can come in handy on a number of issues especially when you have to defend yourself against agencies like the EEOC .

Examples of When to Get Help

From an employment law perspective, it is also helpful to seek the advice of an immigration attorney when trying to understand H1B Visas or dealing with immigration laws . (H1B candidates can be a fruitful list of candidates for some technical or financial fields.) The list of rights issues related to employers goes on and on but I'll offer one piece of advice, given to me a long time ago, when it comes to employment law and employers rights...when in doubt get professional advice.

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