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Time to introduce an Orange County temp agency that takes innovations in staffing to the next level. In this market, cost is everything. Cash flow is king. Not that it should be but facts are facts.

This demands creativity because many staffing firms have low margins to start with in the pricing they use. Add that together with rising costs in taxes, worker's comp and other fees in many states and you have a tough job of cutting costs when dealing with a staffing service.

Cutting Costs in Staffing Services

Face it, in this economy, every person must perform and every expense must have value. When it comes to staffing services, many companies are shopping services and asking for rate cuts based on quotes from other services. This is just what is happening in the market.

The benefit therefore is lower costs. Of course the problem is when cutting costs related to using staffing services, often the first thing that happens is shortcuts happen. Quality suffers and then your business suffers. The new service you gave the business to may not provide the highest quality candidates. In this economy, that is the sad reality but it may be necessary.


One firm, Synergy Solutions has come up with an interesting concept. It is called bare naked recruiting and it works like this; if you need a stripped down (sorry about the pun, I stole it from the marketing materials.) services, they will offer a' la carte' recruiting.

They have another program called direct staffing. In this program like staffing you get to pay for performance. The way it works is as follows;

  • You hire a person they send over
  • The person goes on your payroll
  • You are invoiced semi monthly so long as the employee continues to work.
  • If the person does not perform or needs to be let go, there are no more invoices.

It is a blend of staffing and direct hire. In direct hire you pay a fee that is a percentage of a persons expected annual compensation. In temporary staffing there is a temp to hire option that allows a company to pay weekly for a person while they evaluate the person. This concept is a blend of the two with benefits of both.

Other Option

Of course if you are not located near this Orange County Temp Agency, there are of course still other options local to you. For instance, if you need staffing but can't pay for the this site! There are great suggestions on where to find free resumes or how to source candidates online. Once you find the people yourself, if you still want to have the benefits of a temp to hire, you can payroll the person at a much reduced rate until you are convinced the person will be a great employee.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for an innovative Orange County temp agency, try Synergy Solutions and ask them about saving costs. If you do not live in the OC, there are still other alternatives. Don't give up and look for staffing companies that will deal with you and embrace innovations.

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